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Ronda Matson: Blog

Ronda's Top Ten Open Mic Tips

Posted on September 26, 2013

Open "mics" or "mikes" are everywhere these days. Have you been thinking about joining the fun or hoping to improve your open mic experiences? Based on my years as a host, player & listener, here's food for thought.

#10. Know your host. If you're new, briefly introduce yourself. 

#9. Have a plan. Be prepared, but flexible to change.  Avoid saying "I have no idea what I'm going to play."

#8. Strive to memorize! You'll feel liberated & can engage your audience better.

#7. Be professional & consider it a real performance. Make no apologies if you miss a chord or forget lyrics. (Pretend you didn't!)

#6. Keep it classy & you'll keep your audience. Use common sense with subject matter & language.

#5. Song length should be reasonable.  7 minute songs are usually snoozers. 

#4. Identify your music. Give credit where credit is due!

#3. Limit pre-song banter. A few words... perfect! Rambling stories or techie guitar talk will lose a general audience.

#2. Keep gear simple & acoustic.  Save the toys & fancy tunings for an appropriate venue.

And... Ronda's #1 Open Mic Tip? HAVE FUN! 

Open mics help us grow as musicians and as performers. They help us grow as people. The friendships and collaborations we form are important and can be life-changing. Have fun! It really is #1.