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Ronda Matson: Songs

The Creeper (feat. Bruce Marshall)

(Ronda Matson)

The Creeper

My mind is weary as the light grows dim.

I get a little crazy when I think of him.

Ten shades of grey and white, he’s like the wall.

Lost among us ‘til his demons call.

Why do I see him everywhere I turn?

He sneaks up on me like a bad sunburn.

He looks so normal in the light of day.

His words can sting me in his creeper way.


He’s such a creeper, man.

Cold-blooded stranger wants to take my hand.

“You’re so great…” he says, but thinks I’m not.

Hurry on home to keep your fire hot.

Hurry on home to keep your fire hot

I’m afraid to ask what’s on the back shelf.

You better believe he’s gonna challenge himself.

There ain’t no cure, man, no panacea.

He says it all sounds just like Jerry Garcia.


Hey there, buddy, what’s in the bag?

Dental floss? I don’t mean to nag.

A can of tuna… and some garden hose.

I don’t wanna know what you’ll do with those.


When the full moon rises, the water is high.

Watch out for The Creeper. He’ll be passin’ by.

He likes it best in the dark of night;

pale-faced creeper, even in daylight.