Ronda Matson

Truth Be Told

by Ronda Matson

Released 2009
Released 2009
These memorable, transformative songs are gems to savor. Each piece is an intimate, arresting and soulful story.
Described by many as a 21st-century troubadour, Ronda presents memorable, transformative songs. They are gems to savor. Each piece is a story — perhaps it’s a relationship questioned, a decision celebrated. In the process, insights come to us and we walk away with a newfound strength. Each story is lushly illustrated by the ringing tones of her 12- and 6-string guitars and, on some tracks, backed by the beautiful voices of her talented daughters, both trained opera singers. Ronda's songwriting compels you to hold still, listen, respond. Personal and resonant, her music connects listeners with what really matters.