The First Seven

Ronda Matson

Ronda's classical and folk influences collide, bringing a rich, new voice with unique expression and real heart to the acoustic world.

Sometimes you really just have to draw the line and step over it. Take the chance. In many ways, Ronda has been doing that since her hands first touched the piano as a child. It never occurred to her to play only what was written. The tunes and words that continue to dance in her head have found expression, growing from the classical world through many other influences. Her interest in the guitar also began at an early age--Mozart and Chopin met Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel!

“The First Seven” begins to document the journey inspired by family, friends—and life. She steps beyond the stage of her youth and the coffeehouses of her current performances, charting her path as wordsmith. Her guitars, harmonicas and voice continue to inspire and motivate. Be sure to visit her website for the whole story and to read what those who know her best have to say.

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